Our Products

Old fashioned Trillium Bakery invites you to become acquainted with our products.


Christmas at Trillium!

Fruitcakes – dark, light, wheat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, made with quality ingredients and an abundance of fruit and nuts, no artificial flavouring. We grate our lemons and oranges!

Christmas Puddings – a healthier version, traditional old-fashioned taste and texture, low-fat and low cholesterol; no suet.

Mincemeat Pies and Tarts – old-fashioned goodness, through and through.

Tourtieres – extra-lean meat, carefully seasoned fresh potatoes. Trillium Bakery’s whole wheat crumbs. A truly gourmet delight in our melt in your mouth pastry. Traditional French Canadian recipe.

Gingerbread Boys, Girls, Bears, Reindeer and Loons – Flavourful wholewheat treats for children from 2-102.

‘Graceland’ Sugarplums – hand-rolled confections to dress up a menu or gift box. A generous mixture of coconut, almonds, fruit, ginger chunks and real apricot brandy.

Fruit and Chocolate Rum Balls – decadent but with real ‘from scratch’ ingredients in the Trillium tradition!

Cranberry Port – Trillium’s own! A must for you holiday table, an emergency rescue topping for cheesecake, cheese and crackers, pancakes and waffles and even porridge. And for your hostess, that perfect little gift. Wonderful with brie and over baked chicken. Cranberry Port with Splenda, diabetic friendly.

Sugar-free Natural Fruit Preserves – true fruit flavour. Perfect for diabetic delights.

Gift Certificates – available in $5 and $10. Great stocking stuffers!

“Artisan” bread is now a trendy product in the marketplace. The word “artisan” conjures up images of bakers of yore stirring, then pounding large lumps of dough, cutting them into pieces and shaping them by hand – perhaps laying them out on discs of stone to bake in the sun, or carefully placing them in a brick oven fuelled by a wood fire.

“Artisan” means hand-crafted, moving away from factory automated baking – kind of going backwards to move forwards, to be “of the auld way.” This is what we’ve been doing at Trillium since Day One. We create our own recipes and hand-craft our breads and other specialties.

Progress often means “untouched by human hands.” We are somewhat backwards in time in many of our baking procedures. “Touched by human hands” (clean, with love and caring) is what we do for you when we mix, roll, knead, shape and decorate our prideful creations, which we’ve been doing for 33 years.


Our Flour
Our wheat flour is milled for us at Upper Canada Village. It is Eastern Spring Wheat, the “Marquis” strain, which is a direct derivative of premium “Red Fife” flour.

It is completely free of additives (bleach, emulsifiers, dough conditioners, mold retardants, preservatives, pesticides and corn sugars). It is non-GMO: the hybridization of seeds has been going on by farmers throughout the 19th century until now, which is not to be confused with the much-publicized and -feared GMO.


- Over 20 kinds baked fresh daily.
- Natural, slow rising, old-fashioned bread, hand-crafted with care.
- Wholewheat flour without additives, stoneground for us at Upper Canada village.
- Unpasteurized honey, clean canola oil, a small pinch of sea salt, and very little yeast. Free of dairy products.
- Mini loaves, dinner rolls, Chelsea buns (gooey and delicious), burger buns.
- Our popular protein bread meets a dietary source of protein standards.
- Plain 100% wholewheat, high protein, raisin, flax, superflax, poppy & sesame, sunflower seed, sesame, maritime molasses brown bread, bran, oat-bran, pumpkin, carrot currant, black Russian, light rye, unbleached stoneground white, corn wholewheat, 9-grain, and Mediterranean (sundried tomato, olive and garlic).
- Most are 100% wholewheat-based.


- Real, wholegrain and different.
- Made from 100% wholewheat, barley, organic spelt and rice flour; also quinoa and oat blends.
- Low fat, sweetened with honey, maple syrup and/or unsweetened fruit juice.
- Vegan muffin loaves and muffins available.
- We use less sweetening than in ordinary muffins, and no salt.


Specialty Items
- Cakes, sinfully rich chocolate brownies, pies, scones, quiches, tartes, pure maple syrup nut squares and 5-fruit heart-smart squares, thick juicy date squares.
- Power bars: chocolate-chip, raisin, cranberry orange.
- Berry crumble pies.
- Real butter croissants: chocolate, plain, multi-grain, cheese, almond, chocolate-almond and veggie.
- Florentines (a blend of chocolate and caramel).
- Barley fruit squares: apricot or cranberry/raspberry.
- Market vegetable quiche.


Restricted Diet Baking
- 33 years experience designing products for people intolerant of gluten, wheat, eggs, milk, soya, nuts, butter, sugar, chocolate or yeast.
- Birthday cakes for severely restricted diets.
- Selection of natural, sweet-free jams.
- Sourdough baguettes.
- Spelt breads in many varieties.
- Variety of squares: dairy, wheat-free and diabetic-friendly; also, no-added-sugar muffins (no artificial sweeteners either).

Please see the Restricted Diet Product Guide page for more information.


Unique Cookies- 100% wholewheat.
- Absolutely no white flour or artificial flavours here! Even the sweet-free varieties are flavourful and substantial.
- Iced shortbread big cookies – favourites with grandmas and kids.
- Gingerbread boys, girls, moose, bears, even loons! These are 100% wholewheat, too.


Gluten-free Products
- Muffins, muffins loaves, a variety of breads: crusty, rice, red lentil, “pure oat”, millet, cornmeal/rice/flax, quinoa NEW!, raisin-cinnamon NEW!, baguettes, English muffins (also perfect for burgers and sandwiches).
- Cookies: rice flour based, buckwheat and “pure oat”.
- Power bars, chocolate-chip, cranberry and cranberry-chocolate.
- Scones: assorted real-fruit scones.
- Macaroons (coconut and fruit).
- Rice pasta in a variety of shapes.
- Pies: berry quinoa crumble, apple, apple/berry, pumpkin, seasonal rhubarb.
- Cakes: chocolate fudge brownie cake, vanilla, lemon, orange, berry.
- Soup mixes – organic and tasty.
- Chelsea buns – our latest creation!