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Many of our recipes are over 100 years old. We’ve adjusted some to have less sugar and healthier fats without changing the flavour. Many of recipes have been created (dreamed up) while the owner (Jocelyn) was padding her canoe on a sapphire lake.

Trillium Bakery’s sandwiches are made with our specialty breads and local quality ingredients. Our specialty breads come in five varieties are 100% spelt (locally grown) and organic. They are yeast-free and have a sweetness from local honey.

Our gluten-free products are from 37 years of research and development. We do not use sugar as our main ingredient, and some products are completely sugar-free.

Try out a delicious fresh butter tart! Old fashioned plain, raisin, or pecan, these tarts are the real deal. If you love maple, we pair plain or raisin with maple syrup that comes from our forest.

Another specialty to try is our Chelsea buns. We are famous for these. Words of caution: they may cause addiction! Why? Because they are a decadent drizzle of real butterscotch over a whole-wheat raisin cinnamon nut roll. They are heartwarming on an especially chilly day.

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Call our number 613-730-1316 to place an order or visit us at 1181 Bank Street. Our staff will gladly answer any question you may have.